BigSEE 2022

BigSEE Public And Commercial Architecture Award 2022

TEAM: Merih Feza Yıldırım, Serdar Uslubaş, Duygu Görgün Şenoğlu

Located in Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, Pool İzmir, designed by Not Architecture, creates light-shadow games thanks to the gabion shell shaped with glass rocks, which is a waste material, making the experience in the building unique.

BigSEE (South East Europe) platform, whose mission is to highlight the potential and richness of designs of various scales from Southeastern Europe, rewards selected designs from the region every year. These awards, given at the beginning of the year, include designs from Southeast Europe that take into account local problems and needs. Aiming to build a participatory community with the awards, BigSEE supports young and creative designers and prioritizes the development of designers in the region and in the region.