İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge, located on the Bornova Brook on the Bayraklı coast, was designed to replace the existing bridge in order to make the coast a more accessible place for pedestrians, cyclists and service vehicles within the scope of Izmir Sea studies.

The bridge is a necessary transportation structure for Bayraklı Beach to serve as a whole without being divided by brooks. Bayraklı beach, with its new functions and developing background within the scope of İzmir Sea project, becomes a position that serves more citizens.

There will be parts of the façade whose non-static appearance changes, which will create different light and shadow plays in terms of pedestrians, cyclists and observers moving inside the bridge. Observers on the side of the vehicle will perceive the bridge with different feelings at different times of the day and at different speeds, rather than a static structure. The idea of non-stationary appearance is adopted for this transportation structure.

The bridge is 10.9 meters wide and the distance between the support points is 33 meters. When considered together with the connection ramps, it reaches a length of 74 meters. 3.5 meters of the bridge width is arranged as bicycle path and 7.4 meters is pedestrian. Due to the height of the bridge from the ground level, the bridge is designed as ramps, not flat feet. In the design of the bridge, materials that are resistant to being outdoors in terms of climatic and usage characteristics have been selected and details have been developed. The idea of using the bridge without any maintenance during the service period has been reflected in the design.