The building, which was severely-moderately damaged by the Izmir earthquake, was redesigned. The building consisting of Basement + Ground + 7 Room Floor + Terrace is located in a 350 m² parcel.

In the building, which has a closed construction area of 1590 m², there are technical volumes and personnel spaces on the basement floor, 15 m² sales area on the ground floor, breakfast room and lobby. There are 5 rooms on the normal floors and there is a total capacity of 35 rooms. However, in order to allow different uses, 4 rooms are connected on each floor, so that 2 suites and one room scenario can be applied on the floor according to the need.

There is a 90 m2 terrace on the top, which can be arranged locally later. An area of 60 m² on the ground floor can be arranged as a terrace. The building has a capacity of 6 parking lots.