Tınaztepe, Buca

The relationship of the buildings with each other and with the place, to a large extent, also includes the relationship with the user.

defines. Alpha and Beta buildings are buildings with their own stories, built in different conditions.

Instead of ignoring this story, adding new words while reshaping the campus

We tried to enrich

Existing structures have been upgraded to take advantage of the slope of the land,

thus, it envisaged to gain usage areas in the basement floors. Interpret this in a different way

we dealt with. Instead of entering these structures with stairs by making a raised platform,

We explored the possibility.

Redefining the relationship with the ground breathed new life into the campus.

As a part of the platform becomes linear as an extension of the pedestrian path, it becomes defined,

turned into a living street. Serving all structures over the created plane

We got the opportunity.

The new mass composition consists of different heights and heights in the Alpha and Beta buildings.

It is like a continuation of the depths. Thus, with a top view, the new structure is located next to these structures or

It can be thought of as a 3rd and 4th stage, not a building built in front of it.