Dikili Belediyesi

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Cultural Center is a trade + culture and art project developed by Dikili Municipality on a land area of ​​4,396 m², with a construction area of ​​4,396 m². While the district, whose population increases considerably in the summer months, can easily find a place for its activities on the beach or in open areas, with the arrival of the winter season, cultural and artistic activities cannot be held, and this is a very unpleasant situation for the population who stays in the district in summer and winter. This structure, which will serve the municipality's effort to spread cultural and artistic activities throughout the year, claims to be a regional center with a much higher seat capacity than not only Dikili but also its nearby districts. Thanks to the open amphitheater in the project, it aims to make gatherings, coming together, and various cultural and artistic activities possible informally, without an official invitation or supervision. With the aim of becoming a sustainable cultural structure by reducing initial investment and operating costs, the ground floor is reserved for commercial use. The structure will be the financier of many investments to be made in the future.