Güven Erbek İnşaat

There is a harmonious relationship between the internal and external environment. The floor is kept closed on the street facade. It opens to the street with external parts on the upper floors. The houses tend towards the garden where life is intense. The more traditional data have been effective in the understanding of planning, the more effective has been the formation of the buildings and the simplicity and modernity in the architectural language. How can heaps of stone, steel, wood, glass turn into houses?

If the concept of neighborhood is reconsidered in this sense, it can be an answer to our question. In this design, we wanted to return to our memories by creating the street and neighborhood texture. It has become a point we want to reach to "live" by protecting our privacy in society by creating a life setup where the boundaries of public and private spaces are clear but not isolated from society.

In Nif Erbek, the streets are part of the house. In a settlement consisting of similar buildings, each house is unique in terms of location, direction, and neighborhood. This settlement, where daily life is allowed to flourish in common spaces, was never thought of as a stand-alone structure. It is a cute neighborhood with large and small houses, shady flowery streets, and green areas. Sometimes streets with a fountain or a statuette surround a small square.