Konak Belediyesi

Gültepe District has its own dynamics and a neighborhood culture that has not changed much from the past to the present. Sports are of vital importance especially for young people not to turn to harmful habits and lifestyle. Team sports, competition and the feeling of winning together are indispensable for a healthy society. In this sense, the building is more than just a sports facility. Day and night, creating a socialization focus, making a positive contribution to the changing and transforming Gültepe's image, making sports visible and integrating it into neighborhood life are among the main goals.

Architecturally, the challenge of placing such a dense program on highly sloping road profiles in both directions stands out. It has come to life as an idea to operate the building as a support in the short direction and to make tribunes on inclined areas. The sports complex consists of basketball / volleyball court, indoor sports, locker rooms, course rooms, administrative sections, carpet pitch and parking lot.